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Earlier this year, BMW publicly issued a tender for approximately 160 GWh of battery orders, and recently, this order has finally been officially confirmed.

It is reported that SVOLT, which originally was a part of Great Wall Motor’s EV battery division, has secured a production order in which the installed capacity is nearly 90 GWh from BMW’s European division, while the remaining 70 GWh order from China will be supplied by CATL or EVE. It is estimated that the value of this BMW order will reach RMB 96 billion, surpassing EUR 10 billion.


The fact that CATL and EVE can fulfill the order is not surprising, as BMW had previously collaborated with them. In September 2022, CATL officially announced a long-term agreement with the BMW Group. Starting from 2025, CATL will supply cylindrical batteries for BMW Vision Neue Klasse electric vehicle models. These products will be manufactured in two battery factories located in China and Europe, each with an annual production capacity of up to 20 GWh.

In contrast, the participation of SVOLT is a bit unexpected, especially considering that they secured a 90 GWh production order, exceeding the combined capacity of CATL and EVE Energy.

SVOLT will initially set up two battery cell production lines for BMW, along with complementary module and pack assembly lines. The battery cells supplied will be SVOLT flagship large-format pouch cells, which will be used on BMW’s new generation electric vehicle platforms using the CTP (Cell-to-Pack) technology.

Source: 36kr

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