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Introducing Electrification Solutions
Introducing Electrification Solutions

Electrification Solutions (ES) focuses on high-level proficient service to North American and European Companies looking to :

1. Cost effectively source State-of-the-art Battery, Energy Storage, EV and related products from China

2. Expand their business in China

Our various services are established based on demand for greater business knowledge and cooperation.

The Future is Electric
The Future is Electric

In recent years, we have achieved some successful cases which made us experts in the battery procurement industry. We are differentiated by our proprietary work in the adaptation of cutting edge engineering and business methodologies to the specific requirements of the global battery industry.

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Experienced and Trusted Professionals

Electrification Solutions is a one-stop electrification solution services provider with headquarters in North America, Europe and China. Our services include but not limited to electrification related sourcing management, partners development and other consulting services. We operate through a network of professionals and manufacturers which impact high demand green energy areas, including Canada, Ireland, Australia, the United States and the Greater China area.


The strong demand for EV, ESS & portable applications with the vision of green world drives the strong demand for battery solutions. That demand is responsible for more than 10% average yearly battery production capacity growth. We identified these needs and developed unique battery knowledge services to support them. These unique products and services not only save our customers resources, efforts and time but also optimize the supply chain and provide cost-effective purchasing solutions.


A Gateway to Popularize the Global Electrification

The efforts we make on our electrification supply chain management ensure that our clients will continue to lead tomorrow’s global battery industry in science, engineering and business performance. With strong network to those different key players and suppliers in different battery aspects. We make this work available to client partners through our consulting services on a cost-effective solution.

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