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On October 17(local time), one of the UK’s largest and most influential exhibitions, Solar Storage Live 2023, which is also known as the UK International Solar and Energy Storage Exhibition, opened grandly in Birmingham.

Great Power Energy (hereinafter referred to as “Great Power” or “company”) made a significant appearance at the event with its residential energy storage cells, liquid-cooled energy storage systems and its latest energy storage cell 320Ah with strong safety, long cycle-life and high efficiency. This showcase provided a platform for discussions with international clients on the future of energy storage in Europe.


As the UK continues to accelerate its transition toward clean energy and green technology in line with its 2050 Net Zero Emissions strategy, it is vigorously promoting renewable energy sources such as offshore wind power. The country is also actively advancing new energy storage projects and independent energy storage station construction, which has resulted in a significant demand for energy storage solutions.

The UK leads Europe in terms of installation size and development speed, particularly in energy storage applications at the grid and commercial levels. At Solar Storage Live, Great Power’s safe and reliable energy storage cells and liquid-cooled energy storage systems garnered significant attention from international clients, attracting numerous well-known clients for discussions and negotiations.

In the field of large-scale energy storage, the 320Ah cell Great Power showcased at this year’s Solar Storage Live exhibition is its latest energy storage cell. They have developed several unique technologies in materials, processes, and structure, effectively reducing internal resistance during film formation and increasing efficiency by 0.5%.


Also, the electrode tab structure simulation optimization is achieved to improve the utilization rate of winding core space by 1%, resulting in enhanced safety performance. Furthermore, it boasts a lifespan of over 8,000 cycles, guaranteeing a usage life of more than 20 years, aligning it well with PV products and ensuring coextensive lifespans, effectively reducing costs and enhancing efficiency for customers.

In addition, Great Power’s professionally developed 1P52S liquid-cooled energy storage battery pack became a star product at the event. This product is primarily used in outdoor energy storage cabinets and container storage scenarios. Besides, this battery pack has an IP67 protection rating, effectively achieving dust and water resistance. Currently, it has obtained international safety and transportation certifications such as IEC62619, UL9540A and UN38.3.


Through Solar Storage Live 2023, Great Power showcased its latest energy storage products and innovative research outcomes to global customers, engaging in deep communication and collaboration with customers from around the world. This has significantly increased Great Power’s brand recognition and influence in overseas markets, further advancing its overseas market strategy and helping the company rapidly establish a presence in the European energy storage market.

Source: Great Power Energy

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