About Electrification

With a vision of building a brighter and greener world, ES is dedicated to offering tailored electrification solution plans for various suppliers and purchasers, promoting the collaboration between them and ensuring the transaction proceeds smoothly.

EV and Charging Stations


The current EV trend accelerates the world’s process of full electrification. The sales of EV have been growing rapidly since the customers have a stronger purchase intention. And almost all enterprises are competing for a piece of the pie. Not only the traditional automakers have increased the invest, but also a lot of big tech companies have also entered the EV industry.

Also, EV charging infrastructure like charging station is rapidly expanding. ES can help EV and charging infrastructure companies source suitable providers/suppliers of battery pack or other components to meet the demand of expansion of business.

Energy Storage System


The trend that electric energy becomes the main energy of human society has been irreversible. However, inconvenient storage of electricity is a very unfavorable disadvantage. Therefore, energy storage plays an increasing significant part in the development of electrification in the future, which is also a field where ES has invested a lot.

ES can provide multiple energy storage plans and cater for different needs of energy storage diversifying from production to life, from work to family.

Batteries Pack and Components


It is undoubted that the demand for Li-ion battery pack and other components has dramatically risen.

ES can help these relevant companies search for clients worldwide and facilitate the cooperation among them.

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