About Us

ES (Electrification Solutions) is a Canadian company based in Markham, Ontario, specializing in cost-effective supply chain solutions from China for worldwide manufacturers and distributors. With extensive experience in battery and related products procurement and cutting-edge methodologies, ES is an expert in the field.


We provide a seamless procurement process, ensuring a consistent and high-quality supply of batteries. Leveraging our strong connections and deep understanding of the Chinese market, we secure competitive pricing while maintaining strict quality standards.

ES is a comprehensive solution provider, supporting clients throughout the procurement journey, from sourcing to logistics. Our goal is to streamline the supply chain, allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies.


Why Us?


1. Strong database of global companies in electrification industry

With 25 plus years experience in sourcing management consultancy and 13 years in electrification solution business, ES has established a comprehensive database which helps capture the latest information of global companies involved in the electrification industry.


2. Close relation with the supplier market

ES has maintained good relationships with the major suppliers in electrification industry globally, meet the sourcing needs to the maximum extent.


3. Professional Team with high efficiency

Thanks to abundant experience of consultancy, ES has a professional team with comprehensive knowledge of electrification industry, greatly helping clients save time and energy.


4. Cost effective

Due to the strong networking in Chinese electrification industry, ES is capable of securing competitive quotation while providing quality products from Chinese suppliers which significantly saving cost for our clients.


5. Excellent communication skills

With English serving as main working language, our team can well understand various needs or demands of clients and thus a smooth, timely and effective communication between global clients can be guaranteed by playing a role of bridge between different clients.


6. Good reputation

Numerous enterprises have spoken highly of our company after cooperation due to high-quality and efficient services we provided, which enables our company gain plenty of trust and establish a fine reputation in this industry.

Our successful cases proved our consulting service and business model are unique, applicable and cost effective with high efficiency. Our business methods tailored exactly to the specialized needs of the global battery industry.

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