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Recently, the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance released the monthly data for April 2024 regarding China’s automotive batteries. Driven by the demand for EVs, the combined production of power batteries and other types of batteries saw significant month-over-month and year-over-year growth in April.

In April, the combined production of power and other batteries in China reached 78.2 GWh, marking a 3.2% month-over-month increase and a 60.0% year-over-year increase. From January to April, the cumulative production of power and other batteries was 262.8 GWh, reflecting a year-over-year growth of 40.5%.


In terms of sales, the combined sales of power and other batteries in April amounted to 73.5 GWh, with a modest month-over-month growth of 0.3% and a significant year-over-year increase of 57%. Specifically, power battery sales were 55.1 GWh, showing an 11.5% decrease month-over-month but a 28.5% increase year-over-year. Sales of other types of batteries were 18.4 GWh, which represented a remarkable 67.1% increase month-over-month and an astonishing 370.1% increase year-over-year. Power batteries and other batteries accounted for 75% and 25% of the total sales, respectively.

Source: WeChat Official Account—锂电百事通

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