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Recently, a report by InfoLink pointed out that the global shipment of energy storage cells reached 38.82 GWh in Q1 2024.

The top five companies in terms of total shipments in Q1 2024 were CATL, EVE Energy, REPT BATTERO, BYD, and Hithium. The leading companies saw significant shifts this quarter. While CATL maintained its position as the top player, there were changes in the global rankings from second to fourth place. EVE Energy rose to the second position due to large orders from major customers, REPT BATTERO and BYD took third and fourth place respectively, and Gotion High-Tech remained stable at the fifth position globally.


In Q1 2024, the CR10 (Concentration Ratio of the top ten companies) reached 90.9%, slightly lower than 92% in 2023, indicating a slight decrease in industry concentration but still remaining at a high level. The internal competition among the top 10 intensified. The CR5 (Concentration Ratio of the top five companies) was 71.4%, down 5.3% from 76.7% in 2023. Meanwhile, the market share of companies ranked sixth to tenth increased from 15.3% in 2023 to 19.6% this quarter, with noticeable growth from second-tier companies like CALB and Envision AESC. Additionally, the combined market share of Korean companies Samsung SDI and LG slightly declined to 6.3% due to weaker shipment performances.

Source: WeChat Official Account—InfoLink

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