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On April 22-24, 2024, the 3rd Shanghai International Charging Pile and Battery Swapping Station Exhibition 2024 (CPSE2024) was held in Shanghai, China. This prestigious event was co-organized by the 100 People’s Association of Charging and Swapping, China Charging Pile Network, the Charging and Swapping Technical Committee, and Shanghai Helli Exhibition Co., Ltd.

With the widespread adoption of electric cars, the construction and operation of charging and battery swapping facilities have become critical factors constraining the development of new energy vehicles. The holding of CPSE2024 not only provides a platform for industry exchange and cooperation but also injects new momentum into the development of new energy vehicles.


CPSE2024 has, for the first time, utilized all three halls (north, central, and south) of the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. With an unprecedented scale of 35,000 square meters, the exhibition attracted over 600 companies from more than ten countries and regions, making this the largest exhibition in terms of both the number of exhibitors and scale.

Furthermore, CPSE2024 also showcased new products and technologies, from mobile charging robots to ultra-fast chargers, presenting many new innovations. Leading domestic and international companies also introduced new ideas, technologies, and models for charging and battery swapping.


On April 22, 2024, Electrification Solutions (ES) participated in CPSE2024. This exhibition offered ES a valuable opportunity to connect with industry peers, experts, and leading companies in the charging and swapping sector. Through participation in discussions, networking sessions, and technology showcases, ES aimed to enhance its understanding of emerging trends and contribute to the ongoing conversation about charging and swapping solutions for various applications.

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