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On May 19, at the 12th Gotion High-tech Technology Conference, Gotion High-Tech released the new LMFP (lithium manganese phosphate) system L600 Qichen cell and battery pack. According to the report, the LMFP has a battery life of 1,000 kilometers.

It is said that the cell integrated battery pack, energy density of 190 KWh / kg, claimed to performance more than three lithium battery 523, close to 622, said “without ternary, keep the same endurance 1,000 kilometers,” which support 18 minutes fast charging, normal temperature cycle 4,000 laps, high temperature cycle 1,800 laps, the total mileage more than 800,000 kilometers.

At the meeting, Dr. Cheng Qian, CEO of Gotion High-tech International Business Section, introduced that Qichen L600 LMFP cell has achieved mass energy density of 240 watt hours / kg, volume energy density of 525 watt hours / l, 4,000 cycles of normal temperature cycle and 1,800 high temperature cycle, which can achieve full-time fast charging of 1,500 times in 18 minutes, and passed all safety tests.

After using the L600 cell, beyond the energy density of the current mass-produced ternary system battery pack, the system energy density reaches 190 watt-hours / kg.

It is understood that the battery pack adopts the “sandwich structure” double-sided liquid cooling technology and minimalist design idea, the number of the battery pack is reduced by 45%, the weight of the structural package is reduced by 32%, the length of the battery bundle is only 26% than before, from the original 303 meters of wire harness reduced to 80 meters, the volume group efficiency reached 76%.

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