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On May 16, 2023, Electrification Solutions visited the 15th China International Battery Fair. As one of the largest battery industry events in the world, the 15th China International Battery Fair (hereinafter referred to as CIBF) was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The number of visitors on the first day of the exhibition exceeded 140,000, which set a record.

CIBF is the first brand exhibition in the battery industry protected by trademark registration sponsored by China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association. At present, CIBF is held in Shenzhen every two years, including a series of activities such as exhibition, battery frontier technology seminar, power battery exchange meeting, battery industry cooperation summit and other activities.


At present, CIBF has become a vane of the global battery industry, and is at the forefront of the industry in terms of exhibition scale, industry influence, professional degree, international docking and information promotion.

The CIBF 2023 exhibition area took 240,000 square meters (12 pavilion), up 140% year on year, focusing on the global power battery, energy storage battery, 3C battery, charge in electrical equipment and supporting facilities, hydrogen and fuel cells, all kinds of battery materials, manufacturing equipment, power and energy storage system solutions, focusing on the our country in the past two years in a variety of new energy passenger vehicles, buses, delivery vehicles, trucks, ships and other power battery, fuel cells and achievements in the field of a series of energy storage.

The exhibition coincides with the time when China’s automobile / new energy vehicles export both stand the first in the world. All major manufacturers bloom to promote the development of China’s new energy battery technology and industrial upgrading.

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