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According to Thai financial media reports, Tesla is reportedly considering establishing a new battery manufacturing plant in Thailand, with an investment of no less than $5 billion (US).

The news also says that Tesla’s representatives will visit Thailand to inspect potential factory locations, with the final decision expected to be made in the first quarter of next year.

Currently, this news has not been officially confirmed, but Tesla has been consistently strengthening its presence in the Southeast Asian market recently.

Actually, Elon Musk has never confined Tesla’s development to the US domestic market. In December of last year, Tesla officially entered the Thai market, which is its second Southeast Asian market after Singapore. And the company began delivering locally produced electric vehicles in February of this year.

In February, Tesla was granted approval to begin importing vehicles into Malaysia and officially started selling in July. It is reported that the refreshed version of the Tesla Model 3 has arrived at delivery centres in Malaysia.

According to Musk’s plan, Tesla aims to establish 10 to 12 gigafactories globally by 2030, with each factory having an annual output of 1.5 to 2 million vehicles. Setting up a battery factory in Thailand would contribute to achieving localized support in the Southeast Asian market.

To support these ambitious production and sales targets, Tesla is continually strengthening its supply chain system, aiming to achieve independent supply of raw materials and components.

Source: WeChat Official Account—锂电百事通

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