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It is reported that the battery energy storage developer and operator SemperPower has taken over the operation of a battery energy storage system whose capacity is 30.7MW/62.6MWh, deployed by Rolls-Royce in the Netherlands. This system represents the largest battery energy storage installation in the country.

The Castor Battery Energy Storage System is deployed at the energy center in Vlissingen-Oost, a port city on the North Sea.

SemperPower has stated it will expedite the integration of renewable energy generation projects into the Netherlands. However, the specific purpose of this battery energy storage system has not been detailed. With a duration of 2.1 hours, it suggests application in some form of energy-intensive activities beyond mere ancillary services.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems, a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Holdings, provided a turnkey solution for this battery energy storage project, including batteries, civil engineering, and electrical integration.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems supplied the mtu EnergyPack QG battery cabinets and the EMS platform EnergetIQ for this project. And CATL provided lithium-ion batteries for this project.

SemperPower and Rolls-Royce first announced this battery energy storage project in November last year, claiming it would be operational in the spring of 2023.

For SemperPower’s initial energy storage project, it was Alfen that provided a turnkey battery energy storage solution. This project, a battery energy storage system with a capacity of 9.3MW/9.9MWh, commenced operations at the end of 2021 in Terneuzen.

However, the Dutch market faces challenges, such as a highly congested grid and the issue of “double charging” for battery energy storage projects, as these systems are considered to be both consumers and producers of electricity. Grid operator TenneT has indicated that significant changes are needed for the Netherlands to add 9GW battery energy storage systems by 2030.

Meanwhile, Dutch companies like Giga Storage and utility firm Eneco have been developing larger-scale energy storage projects in neighbouring Belgium, which benefits from a more favourable energy market and regulatory environment.

Source: WeChat Official Account—储能网

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