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LG Energy Solution (LGES) is set to commence production of 4680 batteries for Tesla starting in August 2024. The company previously indicated in February this year it would begin to produce 4680 batteries in August or September, 2024.

Industry insiders revealed on June 24 that LGES planed to start producing Tesla’s 4680 batteries at its Ochang factory in South Korea ahead of August, when LGES will become the world’s first battery manufacturer to mass-produce 4680 batteries.

Initial production capacity of Ochang factory is estimated at 8 GWh, with the annual output of 4680 batteries expected to supply up to 110,000 electric vehicles. It is estimated that LGES will supply 4680 batteries to Tesla as well as other automakers.


Ahn Hee-soo, a researcher at LS Securities in South Korea, noted that Tesla announced on June 8 it had produced 50 million 4680 battery cells in Texas, with a daily production rate of approximately 120,000 cells, but with low yield rates. Therefore, Tesla will most likely rely on LGES and Panasonic for battery supply.

Additionally, LGES also plans to extend its 4680 production operations to North America, with plans to produce large cylindrical cells at its new factory in Arizona.

LGES’s Arizona facility was initially expected to produce 2,170 cylindrical cells with an annual capacity of 27GWh. But LGES announced late last year that the Arizona plant would become a key hub for 4680 battery production in North America.

Source: WeChat Official Account—青蓝能源

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