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According to Reuters, BMW Group, the automotive manufacturer, has canceled a 2 billion euro (approximately $2.15 billion US) electric vehicle battery order with Swedish battery maker Northvolt.

In a statement on June 20, BMW said: “Northvolt and BMW Group have jointly decided to concentrate Northvolt’s business focus on the development of the next generation of battery cells. BMW Group continues to have a strong interest in establishing a high-performance circular and sustainable battery manufacturing in Europe.”

In July 2020, BMW signed a 2 billion euro contract with Northvolt to purchase battery cells for electric vehicles. At that time, BMW announced that as part of a long-term agreement, Northvolt would produce the cells using renewable energy at a new factory in northern Sweden, with deliveries starting from 2024.

German media including Manager Magazin reported that Northvolt failed to meet the deadlines for battery supply contracts. The Northvolt’s project was two years behind schedule with too many projects eliminated, and Samsung SDI will now provide BMW with the required batteries.

Manager Magazin mentioned that BMW still supports Northvolt, and if issues are resolved, BMW plans to use Northvolt’s next-generation batteries in its Neue Klasse electric vehicles. Northvolt did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

On June 19, Northvolt stated it is reviewing plans to build a new factory in Borlange in central Sweden. And it is in discussions with multiple parties, including local governments, though no decision has been made. Previous reports suggested Northvolt might cancel this project.

Source: WeChat Official Account—电池中国

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