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On March 18, Lead Intelligent Equipment (LEAD) officially signed a global strategic cooperation agreement with American Battery Factory (ABF), a battery manufacturer based in the United States. According to the agreement, LEAD will provide ABF with a lithium battery smart production line service with a total capacity of 20GWh. This marks the largest lithium battery equipment order obtained by a Chinese company in the United States to date. Wang Yanqing, Chairman of LEAD, and Jimmy Ge, CEO of ABF, attended the signing ceremony.

During the ceremony, Wang pointed out: “Accelerating globalization has been a core strategic goal for Lead Intelligent Equipment. This cooperation with ABF is a crucial step in expanding into the American and North American markets. In the future, both parties will work together to create a highly automated, efficient, and intelligent super battery factory network, contributing to the development of the local lithium battery and energy storage industry in the United States.”

Jimmy expressed high recognition and expectations for this cooperation. As he stated: “Lead Intelligent Equipment has a good reputation in improving operational efficiency and cost competitiveness for corporate clients, which is an important foundation for our cooperation. In the future, based on the successful cooperation of the first production line, both parties will build a localized battery industry supply chain and actively explore the possibility of cooperation in phase two and three projects, driving high-quality development of the clean energy industry in the United States and North America.”

Source: WeChat Official Account—CBEA Battery China电池中国

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