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From September 6 to 7, EVE Energy Co., Ltd released two announcements closely related to the American electrification market. Among them, one indicated that the company started the local capacity investment and construction in the United States, and another was a nomination letter from its American customers.

At the same time, at the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, EVE got a new partner in 46 series of large cylinder batteries — a cooperation with Rimac Technology, a sports car brand in Croatia, on the innovative platform of 46 series lithium-ion battery that will be reached.

At the show, EVE debuted its “π-SYSTEM” designed for its large cylinder batteries, and held a press conference with the theme of “π-System: Less but More”. In the exhibition, EVE’s 46 series large cylinder batteries caught a great deal of attention.

It is reported that EVE can produce large cylindrical battery with 46 mm diameter but different height, which enables the flexible use of space to support vehicle models like A/B/C-class cars, SUVs and others.


  • During the show, EVE has reached a cooperation agreement with Rimac Technology on large cylinders cells of 46 series.
  • On September 6, EVE announced that its wholly owned sub-subsidiary company EVE ENERGY US Holding LLC planned to set up a joint venture in the US with Electrified Power, Daimler Truck and PACCAR, and this joint venture would be responsible for local battery capacity investment and construction. Among them, EVE US would hold a 10% stake with a cash investment up to $150 million (US).
  • On September 7, EVE received a nomination letter from General Motors Co., which noted that EVE would provide GM with a 12V lithium battery system for automobiles.

The above three pieces of news are evidence that by closely working with international car corporations, EVE Energy has achieved substantial business progress in paving the way to expand in European and American markets.

Source: WeChat Official Account —高工锂电

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