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On April 27, the 16th Chongqing China International Battery Fair (CIBF2024) kicked off grandly at the Chongqing International Expo Center. Rept Battero Energy’s booth attracted a continuous stream of visitors, with their attention firmly drawn to the new products in the fields of energy storage and power. The 324Ah and 174Ah power battery cells and cylindrical battery systems, as well as the ET battery systems, were highly appreciated highlights of the exhibition.

In the afternoon, Rept Battero Energy’s 324Ah commercial and storage shared battery cells made a grand debut, attracting a crowd and receiving continuous applause during the presentation. Rept Battero Energy’s 324Ah commercial and storage shared products were designed to fully tap into the potential demands of customers and the market. After multiple rounds of rigorous verification and optimization of design performance, they meet various diverse application scenarios such as battery swapping and other commercial and storage electrification needs.


Based on the characteristics of heavy-duty trucks, innovative chemical systems such as positive and negative electrodes/electrolytes were used to ensure strong structural safety and stable design, fully guaranteeing the cycling and safety performance of the battery cells to meet various customer requirements.

Source: WeChat Official Account—鑫椤锂电

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