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On December 11, 2023, Tesla’s supplier, Panasonic, reached a synthesis agreement with Sila Nanotechnologies (hereafter referred to as Sila Nano), a U.S. battery material startup. And the agreement is on the procurement of Titan Silicon, a nano-composite silicon-based anode material used in lithium-ion battery production. And the expected shipment is estimated to reach 60,000 tons.

As a major supplier to Tesla, Panasonic has recently focused on cylindrical batteries. It is reported that this new silicon-based anode has the potential to further enhance the current battery performance of Panasonic. In order to qualify for tax exemptions under the Inflation Reduction Act, Panasonic plans to produce the Titan Silicon anode material at its factory in Washington.

Enterprise Introduction

Founded in 2011, Sila Nano is an American startup specializing in novel anode materials. The company’s founder, Berdichevsky, was previously one of Tesla’s excellent engineer responsible for the development of the Tesla Roadster battery system.

The company has accumulated financing from various sources, including 8VC, Amperex Technology Limited, Daimler, totalling nearly $1 billion. Additionally, the company received a $100 million (US) dollars from the U.S. Department of Energy last year, mainly for the construction of a silicon-based anode factory in North America.

Titan Silicon is the world’s first commercially producible high-performance nano-composite silicon-based anode product launched during WHOOP 4.0 in 2021. Compared to graphite anodes, this silicon-based anode demonstrates excellent performance, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50%-70% per kWh.

Source: WeChat Official Account—鑫椤资讯

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