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Nyobolt, a supplier of ultra-fast charging niobium-based battery technology, unveiled its first EV prototype on June 28, marking a significant milestone as the vehicle moves out of the lab onto to the road. The lightweight Nyobolt EV, weighing just 1.25 tonnes, was designed and built by CALLUM and it serves to showcase the performance of Nyobolt’s niobium-based batteries, demonstrating that niobium-based batteries can help improve EV’s charging speed and customer experience.

The company’s preliminary on-board testing using a 350kW (800V) DC fast charger confirms that the Nyobolt EV, equipped with a 50Ah 35kWh battery, can charge from 10% to 80% within four minutes and 37 seconds. After a full charge, the prototype achieves a range of 155 WLTP miles. This represents twice the charging speed of most vehicles currently on the market. Additionally, due to a constant current of 500A for the first four minutes, a four minute charge provides a range of 120 miles.

Nyobolt’s technology also addresses the degradation typically associated with lithium-ion battery boosting. The company reports that its 24.5Ah battery has successfully completed over 4,000 full DoD fast charging cycles. That means it is equivalent to over 600,000 miles if the batteries are used in the Nyobolt EV battery pack, while retaining over 80% of its original capacity.

Furthermore, the company states that third-party testing with Nyobolt’s 2.6Ah battery has demonstrated that the battery can achieve more than 4,400 cycles at 23°C when charging at 12C and discharging at 1C. Even after 4,400 cycles of five minute charging periods, the internal resistance of the battery has increased by only 50%, which is below the industry-accepted end-of-life value of electric vehicle batteries, typically twice the initial value.

Source: WeChat Official Account—青蓝能源

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