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Spanish renewable energy developer Grenergy recently announced plans to construct a battery storage project with a capacity of up to 4.1 GWh in the Atacama Desert, Chile. The total investment for this venture is set at $1.4 billion, divided into five phases for construction, with staggered commissioning expected over the next 36 months. Once completed, this project will become the world’s largest energy storage initiative, surpassing the existing 3 GWh Moss Landing facility in California.

grenergy-unveils-plans-for-worlds-largest-battery-storage-project-in-chiles-atacama-desertGrenergy has also entered into a 15-year power purchase agreement with Oasis de Atacama, providing over 8 TWh of green energy to COPEC, a subsidiary of one of Chile’s major fuel distribution companies. Established in 2007, Grenergy currently boasts a project pipeline of 15.5 GW and plans to invest €2.6 billion globally by 2026, achieving a solar capacity of 5 GW and energy storage capacity of 4.1 GWh.

Chile stands out as a leader in the Latin American energy storage market, displaying the potential to rely entirely on renewable energy generation. The country’s solar photovoltaic capacity has exceeded 7 GW, experiencing a growth rate of over 40%. The Atacama Desert in northern Chile, recognized as the driest place on Earth with the highest levels of solar radiation, makes it an ideal choice for such projects.

Source: WeChat Official Account—鑫椤锂电

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