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General Motors (GM) had announced in February 2023 its plan to commence production of GM Ultium Drive motors at the St. Catharines plant in Canada starting from 2025. However, it is now considering delaying this production plan.

According to a report in the Welland Tribune on June 4, GM Canada is reassessing the timeline for producing motors at its traditional engine plant. The facility is undergoing restructuring. Local unions also stated that GM has not formally notified Canadian unions of when production of electric vehicle motors will commence, and they anticipate approximately 300 unionized workers may be laid off during the restructuring process.

GM’s decision to postpone electric vehicle motor production may be influenced by slowing demand in the electric vehicle market.

Media reports indicate that in recent months, Canada has faced market resistance in electric vehicle demand. According to a recent survey by JD Power, 11% of respondents indicated they are very likely to purchase an electric vehicle as their next vehicle, decreasing by 3% from last year. Additionally, Statistics Canada’s data for Q4 of 2023 showed a decrease of nearly 5,000 registrations for zero-emission vehicles compared to the previous quarter.

In early April, Ford Canada announced a delay in electric vehicle production at its Oakville assembly plant to 2027, postponing it by two years.

GM originally planned to utilize the restructured St. Catharines engine plant’s production lines to produce over 400,000 electric vehicle drive systems annually, creating approximately 400 jobs in total.

Source: WeChat Official Account—青蓝能源

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