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It was reported that Emeren, the energy storage developer, recently sold two battery storage projects with a total installed capacity of 293MW to the Italian renewable energy developer Matrix Renewables whose total developed and transferred energy storage projects now reach 1GW.

These two energy storage projects, part of a Development Service Agreement (DSA) signed by both parties in June 2023, will be deployed in Apulia and Latium, Italy. The two companies plan to jointly develop and deploy 1.5GW of battery storage systems in Italy.

Emeren stated that these strategically located energy storage projects aim to balance grid operations and are expected to be ready for operation by early 2025.


As part of the DSA, Emeren transfers an energy storage system with a total installed capacity of approximately 1GW to Matrix Renewables. The two companies reached an agreement in November 2023 to deploy a total installed capacity of 410MW across five energy storage projects, with a duration of 8 hours.

With grid operator Terna seeking to integrate the growing renewable energy generation, the battery storage market for grid-scale projects is expected to flourish in the coming years.

Its commercial cases will primarily focus on capacity markets and integrating renewable energy generation facilities, implying energy storage project durations within the range of 4 to 8 hours.

At the end of last year, the European Commission approved a 17.7 billion euro (19.5 billion US dollars) national aid plan to fund 9GW/71GWh of energy storage systems deployed in Italy.

Source: ESCN

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