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Although BYD had considered producing battery cells at its factory in Szege, Hungary to supply electric vehicles manufactured there, the company ultimately decided to transport battery cells from China to Szege.

According to recent reports from Hungarian media, BYD’s current plan is to assemble battery modules and packs at the Szege factory using battery cells imported from China, which will then be installed in electric vehicles. There will be no chemical activities conducted at the Hungarian factory.

The report suggests that BYD made this decision primarily because one of the key raw materials for batteries, graphite anode, must be shipped from Asia to Hungary. This implies that the cost difference between transporting raw materials to Hungary for battery cell manufacturing and transporting finished battery cells to Hungary is minimal. Opting for the latter will also save the cost of building a new battery factory.

As of now, BYD has not responded to requests for verification of this information.

Source: WeChat Official Account—起点锂电

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